UDOT Traffic Road Weather FAQ

How does a road weather forecast differ from the forecast I see on the news at night?
A road weather forecast only concentrates on weather that impacts travel. For example, 3 inches of snow might be forecast to stick on the grass, but roads may remain wet.
What is an RWIS?
RWIS stands for Road Weather Information System. UDOT maintains a network of RWIS weather stations across the state of Utah. RWIS stations have atmospheric sensors, road sensors and cameras. These instruments measure air temperature, wind speed and direction, precipitation, road temperature, road surface condition, and other variables.
What do you do with the information you collect from RWIS sites and how does it help me travel?
RWIS stations provide critical information to a team of UDOT meteorologists and plow crews to help keep roads free of snow. RWIS stations also help inform the public of what the road conditions are like around the state.
Where can I get forecasted road weather impacts from UDOT?
UDOT provides road weather forecasts in 5 different locations.
  • The 511 travel information line
  • On UDOTTraffic.utah.gov  under "Additional Info"  click "Road Weather Alert" (when flashing)
  • On UDOTTraffic.utah.gov  in the top center of the page click "Road Weather"
    • The "Current Conditions" tab (October 1 ‐ March 31) has updated road conditions on 141 segments of Utah's roads.
    • The "Road Conditions Forecast" tab is updated by meteorologists at the TOC to help motorists know what to expect for three 6 hour time blocks on 63 segments of Utah's Interstates and Highways.
  • Download the free "UDOT Traffic" app for Apple or Android devices.
  • Follow UDOT Traffic on Twitter.
What is a "Road Weather Alert"?
A Road Weather Alert is a road weather forecast of expected statewide storm impacts to Utah's roads. Road Weather Alerts are issued before and during weather systems that will/are affecting travel on Utah's roads.
How do I read the weather symbols on the UDOT Traffic app?
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