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We will post similar messages on our toll-free Traveler Information Line:

5-1-1 or 1-866-511-8824 for calls placed outside of Utah.

The Emergency Alert feature is designed to give out detailed Emergency/Urgent Information on major traffic impacts. These impacts could be from traffic crashes, weather and other environmental events, police/fire incidents or any other unplanned events.

Some examples of events that we will use this feature to communicate are:

Planned Special Events (PSE's) that are not seasonally repetitive such as the Salt Lake Marathon. We will post links to the Marathon's website and inform travelers of directions to get around the closures.

Hazardous Materials (HAZ-MAT) spills that force closures of major streets or freeways. We will be able to post detour routes and anticipated completion times.

Weather related incidents exposing travelers to difficult conditions. Also, notification of travel restrictions for Four Wheel Drive (4WD or 4x4) or tire chains. These can also include High Wind notices or restrictions including restrictions for High Profile vehicles. Keep in mind that we will not give weather forecast information that extends beyond the next few hours. We will give some foresight to weather events and the timing and location of those events up to a day in advance on extremely intense storm activity. Exceptions with this are dealt with on a case-bycase basis.

Damage of the roadway or bridges causing closures of the roadway or bridge. This is critical since it may not be visually apparent to travelers as to why lanes may be closed.

Flooding, Landslides, or Wildfires covering the roadway. We will post estimated opening times, local and regional detour routes.

Earthquake instructions, closure notices and progress reports.

Police Incidents, special security closures and instructions.

As needed, we will only post hyperlinks to another website if there is more detailed emergency information available from another source.

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